“Ultimi Fuochi” is a brand new theatre festival conceived to put the contemporary theatrical creation in touch with the most ancestral and authentic spirit of Salento.
Eight events are scheduled to take place in locations surrounded by nature that will be kept secret and can only be reached by Festival shuttle buses. Silence and setting will help the spectator to enter a unique atmosphere.
These events are environmentally friendly since they are illuminated by the sunset light that last, desperate glow / that turns the distant plains to rust / when the sun has finally sunk.” (J.L. Borges)

Each event includes: transport from the meeting points to the secret place, a theatre performance, a musical moment by Cristiana Verardo and a tasting of locally sourced products. The aim is to offer an alternative to tourist chaos involving the audience in a real ritual in which beauty is shared.

A simultaneous translation service will be available to foreign spectators.

Weekly Festival of Theatre and Music in Salento
from 3 to 28 August

Let yourself be transported towards secret sunsets.

Look for the Ultimi Fuochi Festival bus stops in Diso, Ortelle, Poggiardo and Spongano (LE).
Departure at 7.00 p.m. Return at 9.00 p.m.
Performances translated into English.

Conception and artistic direction: Alessandra Crocco e Alessandro Miele
Music by di Cristiana Verardo
Graphic Marco Smacchia

Wine tasting offered by Vini e Olio Rizzello

Tickets 10 euros
Reservation required at +39 3881271999

ULTIMI FUOCHI FESTIVAL is a PIN winning project – an initiative promoted by the Youth Policy of the Puglia Region and the ARTI and sponsored by the FSE – PO Puglia 2014/2020 Action 8.4 and the Fund for Development and Cohesion.

In cooperation with the Municipalities of Diso, Ortelle, Poggiardo, Spongano

Partner: Parco Naturale Regionale Costa d’Otranto e Bosco di Tricase, Espèro, Parco Paduli, Vini e Olio Rizzello.

Sponsor: Palazzo Guglielmo, Hotel Callistos, Grafidea

Co-organzation Giovanni De Monte.

Thanks to Silvia Carrozzo, Fabio Casarano, Maria Ada Corvaglia, Alessio Dente, Giulia Del Giudice Greco, Roberta Iacovelli, Cristina Malorgio, Federica Minonne, Francesco Minonne, Raffaele Nuzzo, Donato e Alfredo Rizzello, Alessandro Suma.


3 - 4 august



Premio Vertigine 2010 Finalist
By Consuelo Battiston, Gianni Farina, Alessandro Miele
With Consuelo Battiston e Alessandro Miele
Direction by Gianni Farina
Production: Menoventi/ERT/E-production

We wanted to do a show on Judgement Day. We spent time and energies to figure out in which damned's category we had to insert our main characters. the sinless “indolent” . Then we found the single reagent of the plot: a misunderstood revelation that brings to delirium. That's not all: there was an idea to give substance to our invisible undertow, and to show the instant reaction of our anti-heroes in that mystical encounter! Well, it would have been a masterpiece able to fell humanity's reaction under process, while awaiting its own judgement. But we needed an elephant, that our production didn't want to buy. So, we did something else.

“And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked.” (Genesis 3,7)

Labored under a straight control, the two wretched ones have to face a Destiny's joke. All the strategies to force it are vain. They have no rest. They are always under control. What's left to do? Hide, under your eyes.

Menoventi was founded by Consuelo Battiston, Gianni Farina and Alessandro Miele in 2005. The company has been awarded with the Rete Critica Award (2011), the Hystrio-Castel dei Mondi Award and Lo Straniero Award (2012). Their works include: In Festa, Invisibilmente, Postilla, Perdere la faccia, L’uomo della sabbia, Credi ai tuoi occhi, Ascoltate!, Docile.
www.menoventi.com Photo by Olimpio Mazzorana

10 - 11 august


Carmen's Tale
site specific performance from Carmen che non vede l’ora

by and with Tamara Bartolini / Michele Baronio
playwright: Tamara Bartolini
music design: Michele Baronio

Let's say there is a small village in the former Yugoslavia. Let’s say that there begins our journey. Let's say that the story of Carmen magically crosses Italy of the '40s, the fabulous '60s, the fiery ‘70s, up to finally meet us in a small town near to Rome in front of the sea. Let's say that, from all this, a few years ago the showCarmen that cannot waitwas born and from it we start once again to tell a new version, stripped of its scenic dimension, to open it to new places: Carmen's Tale. The story of a woman's body that seeks its place in the world, which clashes and struggles with other bodies, in a deep and vertiginous immersion into the history of our country. A body, like a story.
Thanks to Carmen M. for her story.

The show Carmen that cannot wait is a production Bartolini/Baronio | 369gradi | Sycamore T Company, co-production / creative residencies Carozzerie n.o.t, production first phase of the project Ass.Cantalavita / Lucilla Galeazzi

The Roman company is an artistic duo born in 2009 after the sodality between Tamara Bartolini and Michele Baronio. Their artistic creations are based on a deep work on individual and collective biographies, weaving together musical poetry, in a dialogue-concert between word and music, artists and territory.
www.369gradi.itPhoto by Antonio Cesari

26 e 30 august


Zelda’s Last Waltz

Written and interpreted by Alessandra Crocco e Alessandro Miele

Francis Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Sayre were the couple which symbolized the Jazz Age both in its ascent and decline. They embodied the passion of a young generation whose desire was to fully enjoy the wealth arose from the economic boom period. But the 1929 Wall Street crash and the emergence of the economic crisis led to the break-up of their lives, along with those of an entire nation. Through various excerpts from novels and short stories, the Demons Project tells the story of the Fitzgeralds in order to track down the short circuit between the Lost Generation of the Twenties and the today’s generation in their thirties. Photo by Ilaria Fiore

31 august


How Time Falls to Pieces / Sunset Edition

Alessandra Crocco and Alessandro Miele lead the spectator into a couple’s life by evoking various moments. It’s a story that has been torn to pieces, like a recollection of the whole life, like a dream that we recall in our mind at our awakening.
“How Time Falls to Pieces” – which debuted last July in an apartment in Sansepolcro (AR), for 4 spectators only, during the Kilowatt Festival – is now presented with a new appearance within “Utimi Fuochi Festival”

Alessandra Crocco and Alessandro Miele founded Progetto Demoni in 2012, after writing and performing two pieces inspired by Dostoevskij’s Demons: the site specific performances Demons – Fragments and the show A romance ended. Their most recent works include: Lost generation, on the life and works of Francis Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda, and How time falls to pieces (co-production Progetto Demoni - Capotrave/Kilowatt - Infinito srl)


28 august


Telemomò Live

Written and interpreted by Andrea Cosentino

“History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.” (K. Marx) TELEMOMO’ is the second advent of television. Or the second decline of an appliance. It’s a kind of autarchic, interactive, eco-friendly, short supply chain television. The hilarious unveiling of the poverty of TV language, with all its baggage of shots and countershots, expressive close-ups and significant details, mimed by means of the material poverty of a handcrafted animation theatre. An easel on which the punched frame of a television set is placed; that’s enough to perform television dramas, news, documentaries and advertisements. The editing is the inside-outside of real close-ups and plastic dolls which fidget and “have a lot of trouble”, TV meat puppets made of Barbies without legs and, again, wigs, toys, body parts and shreds of things. Telemomò is also the pulpit from which everyone can “authoritatively” hurl unlikely policy statements and surrealistic sociological analysis. Whereas television has made today’s Italy, we have to use television again to undo it.

Andrea Cosentino is an actor, author, comedian, writer. Among his shows: “L’asino albino”, “Angelica”, “Primi passi sulla luna”, “Not here not now”. He has been actor and co-author in the most recent performances by CapoTrave (Lourdes) and by Roberto Castello (Trattato di Economia).


+39 3881271999