Weekly Festival
of theatre and music in Salento
Second edition

3-25 august • discover the program

Let yourself be transported towards secret sunsets

Theatre and music in secret locations surrounded by nature and illuminated by the sunset light “that last, desperate glow / that turns the distant plains to rust / when the sun has finally sunk.”(J. L. Borges)
“Ultimi Fuochi” is a brand new theatre festival conceived to put the contemporary theatrical creation in touch with the most ancestral and authentic spirit of Salento. The aim is to offer an alternative to tourist chaos involving the audience in a real ritual in which beauty is shared.
Each event includes: transport from the meeting points to the secret place, a theatre performance, a musical moment by Cristiana Verardo and a wine tasting.

Performances translated into english.

Concept and artistic direction Alesssandra Crocco e Alessandro Miele
Music by Cristiana Verardo

Organization Alessandra Crocco, Alessandro Miele, Silvia Limone
Graphic and web Marco Smacchia, Alberto Berliocchi
Press office Fabiana Pacella
Translations Monica Pezzella e Roberta Iacovelli
Wine tasting Vini e Olio Rizzello

Tickets 10 euro
Reservation required
tel. +39 3881271999


Secret places in Ortelle, Poggiardo, Spongano, Giuggianello (LE)
Look for the Ultimi Fuochi bus stops in Diso, Ortelle, Poggiardo and Spongano (LE).
Departure at 6.45 pm. Return at 9.30 pm


august 3 - bus starts at 18,45 • Secret place


46 Attempts at a Letter to My Son

by and starring Claudio Morici
Finalist In-box 2019

In his stage performances, Claudio Morici moves in between monologue, literary reading and radio play, with tonal values ranging from comedy to drama, from biography to fairy tales. In this performance – his latest work – he also exposes an intimate and fragile male territory, that has rarely been explored. Letter after letter, he tells the story of a father to the continuous search for a message, a meaning, some words of wisdom he could have for his heir. Yet, can we be sure that he already got this wisdom? And above all: how could his son, who is only three, read those letters?

As a writer, Claudio Morici is the author of five novels; amongst others, “La terra vista dalla luna” (Bompiani, 2009), ), “L’uomo d’argento” (E/O, 2012) and “Confessioni di uno spammer” (E/O, 2015). With his readings he travelled all over Italy, staging them in pubs, off-theaters, cultural venues. He also is the author of short stories and reportages for Il Venerdì, Nuovi Argomenti, Internazionale, MinimaetMoralia.
Photo by Lucrezia Iannilli

August 10 - bus starts at 18,45 • Secret place



Concept and direction Sotterraneo, on stage Woody Neri, playwright Daniele Villa, lighting design Marco Santambrogio, costumes Laura Dondoli, sound design Mattia Tuliozi, stagecraft Monica Bosso, production Sotterraneo, with the financial support of Regione Toscana, Mibact Residencies Centrale Fies_art work space, CapoTrave/Kilowatt, Tram – Attodue, Associazione teatrale Pistoiese.

Sotterraneo is part of the Fies Factory, of the European Network Apap – Performing Europe 2020 and is resident at Associazione Teatrale Pistoiese Production Centre.

We were planning to use the performing arts as means to meet Sir William Shakespeare in the flesh, and have a chat with him about his life, what has been done with his works, and more than 400 years of his post-mortem history on and off stage. Shakespearology is a one-man show, a biography, a catalogue of more or less pop materials on Shakespeare. It is a hybrid theatre play that gives voice to the Bard himself, with the aim to overturn the usual roles. After centuries spent questioning his life and his works, he will finally have a chance to speak his mind, asking questions to today’s audiences.

“Sotterraneo” is a theatre performance research group formed in 2005 in Florence. Sotterraneo have received: Lo Straniero Award and Ubu Special Award in 2009, the Hystrio Castel dei Mondi Award in 2010, the Silver Laurel Wreath Award at Sarajevo’s MESS Festival in 2011, the Eolo Award, the ACT Festival Prize and BE FESTIVAL 1st Prize at Birmingham’s BE festival in 2012. Lastly, in 2016 they received the Best of Be Tour Award at Birmingham’s BE festival. “Overload” wins the Ubu Award as Best Italian Theatre Show 2018.

www.sotterraneo.net Photo by Francesco Niccolai

August 17 - bus starts at 18,45 • Secret place

IAC - Centro Arti Integrate

Yeso Tang

Directed by Andrea Santantonio
Starring Alì Sohna
Lighting design Joseph Geoffriau

The performance tells the story of an African boy who’s ready to do anything to save his own life and who runs away and deals in an ironic way with a condition that, otherwise, would make him crushed by poverty, ignorance and global racism. A ring that belonged to his loved ones through generations gives him new courage. Biography and magic tale are mixed in order to bring the public closer to a different reality, the plight of so many teenagers that left their places of origin and their families in the name of their right to be happy.
IAC is an arts, theatre and cultural center located in Matera. It was founded in 2010 and it is driven by 3 values: Integration - a believe in creating heterogenous cultural spaces. Experimentation - building innovative paths to create culture, and - Collaboration - creating connections between cultural and social organizations.


August 25 - bus starts at 18,45 • Secret place


How Time Falls to Pieces _ sunset edition

by and starring Alessandra Crocco e Alessandro Miele

Alessandra Crocco and Alessandro Miele lead the spectator into a couple’s life by evoking various moments. It’s a story that has been torn to pieces, like a recollection of the whole life, like a dream that we recall in our mind at our awakening.
How Time Falls to Pieces – which debuted in 2018 in an apartment in Sansepolcro (AR) during the Kilowatt Festival – is presented with a new appearance within Ultimi Fuochi Festival.

Alessandra Crocco and Alessandro Miele founded Progetto Demoni in 2012, after writing and performing two pieces inspired by Dostoevskij’s Demons: the site specific performances Demons – Fragments and the show A romance ended. Their most recent works include: Lost generation, on the life and works of Francis Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda, and How time falls to pieces (co-production Progetto Demoni - Capotrave/Kilowatt - Infinito srl).



August 6 h20,30

Parco Canali Creativi, Vignacastrisi - Ortelle (LE)


Incontro con IGNAZIO OLIVA
Proiezione del documentario "Sens'altro" di Ignazio Oliva e del film "Onde" di Francesco Fei

Saluti dei Partner di Ultimi Fuochi Festival

Ingresso gratuito fino a esaurimento posti
Per questo evento non è previsto il servizio navetta e la traduzione

IGNAZIO OLIVA è attore e regista. Debutta al cinema nel 1994 nel film “Come due coccodrilli” di Giacomo Campiotti a cui seguono numerose interpretazioni in produzioni italiane e internazionali (“Io ballo da sola” di Bernardo Bertolucci, “Il trionfo dell’amore” di Clare People, “Onde” di Francesco Fei e altri). Al cinema alterna la televisione, partecipando a serie di successo come “Braccialetti rossi” e “The young Pope” di Paolo Sorrentino. E’ autore dei documentari: Sens’altro, Young satellite - Amani Yassets football club e Il sole del Mthunzi Da sempre legato al Salento, nel corso dell’ultimo anno ha collaborato con Ultimi Fuochi incontrando gli allievi dei laboratori teatrali e raccontando agli studenti del Liceo Da Vinci di Maglie e dell’Istituto Comprensivo di Poggiardo la sua esperienza in Africa con la Onlus Amani.

SENS’ALTRO - itinerario sensoriale nel Salento
Documentario. Regia Ignazio Oliva, da un’idea di Alberto Facchini, con Celeste Casciaro, produzione Minuto D’Arco srl, Fotografia Davide Micocci, montaggio Andrea Facchini e Barbara Vantaggiato.
Durata 16 minuti

Un film di Francesco Fei
Con Anita Caprioli, Ignazio Oliva, Filippo Timi. Produzione Apnea Film
Durata 92 min.

Ultimi Fuochi Festival è un progetto co-finanziato dal Programma straordinario 2018 in materia di cultura e spettacolo della Regione Puglia (Assessorato industria turistica e culturale – Dipartimento turismo, economia della cultura e valorizzazione del territorio)

In collaborazione con i Comuni di Ortelle, Poggiardo, Spongano, Giuggianello e Nociglia